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Community Announcement - 11/24/19

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Hello from Command Staff! We wish everyone in the community a happy Thanksgiving, enjoy all the pumpkin pie and turkey you can feast on! For those of you that don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you are doing well too. The holidays are approaching quickly, so we here in Command Staff want to put a community announcement and address a few things for the future, and hopefully satiate any questions or concerns in the process.

As everyone knows, this community is still very young and we're going through the holidays. Don't let that discourage any of you, show up when you can and make sure to approach your leaders or notify us about events. We are open and completely understand, we want people to not worry about this chaotic time, and to ask questions or clarify things when needed. We are here to help at anytime you need, and will do our best to. Now, for event related news, we will have a stand-down during the second half of December. From the 15th of December until the 5th of January, we will be holding off events and spending time with families, as we all do during the holidays. During this lead up, we encourage everyone here to work on bringing new people in, and completing any tasks within their respective staff shops. The more people we bring in, and the more tasks we have complete will help bolster our return on the 5th of January. We also encourage everyone to show up to as many events as possible and get excited for the holidays!

Since we are expanding quickly, we also want to address a few things regarding positions, leadership, and missions. As we are a specialized unit, we have a variety of roles, and less manpower requirements than your average unit. We want these positions filled as quick as possible, with the most qualified personnel. If you are interested in these more specialized MOS', you are welcome to contact your leaders and ask questions regarding them. If you have questions regarding steps into leadership and staff-shops, we are also happy to answer those questions. As obvious as it can be, we will need people in staff shops and leadership positions. Pushing for these roles and jobs within the unit is the best way to build up the unit, and build up yourself as you advance through the community, whether that be through rank or position. But, as always we want to encourage those that want these positions to work extra hard and prove themselves, as we have a lot of people interested in these positions. You can do this by getting into lower staff shop positions, voting up the unit, and recommending us to friends, helping spread the word! We're looking for quality people that want to help bolster our numbers and productivity, and that starts with you guys! In the future we will be looking for positions within S1, S3, S7, and lower leadership positions. Now, regarding missions we will be holding off from starting an official WWII historical campaign until we come back from our Winter Stand Down due to the lack of time and personnel to fulfill the task, but don't worry; we'll take the time during the break to bring a quality campaign that you won't forget! If you're interested in helping, contact W1. B. Krausk or Sgt. L. Winters for more information.

Next, we wanted to touch on the future of the unit. This starting with new detachments, progression through our campaigns, and ideas that you guys may have yourselves! In the future we are going to be expanding into path-finders, a second airborne platoon, and an aviation detachment directly dealing with close-air-support. If you are interested in any of these detachments, its best to contact Sgt. L. Winters for more information. In regards to progression through campaigns, we plan on starting in Africa, with Operation Torch, and progressing in our Mediterranean Theater and European Theater, eventually ending up in Operation Varsity. From there we are going to decide whether or not we want to pursue a Pacific Theater Campaign, or some other Alternate History Campaign, eventually coming back to some smaller missions representing other units in the European and Mediterranean theater. We understand everyone here will be tired of doing the same thing over and over, so make sure to make suggestions. Talk in discord! Ask in the forums, recommend through DMs! We are listening, and we are looking for ideas to put out there and use! If you feel you have a good idea that the community would enjoy, don't be shy, present it to us. We are looking for campaign ideas, and stand-alone mission ideas for the future.

Finally, that will conclude the announcement. If anyone has any exterior questions, please feel free to ask below or in discord. Thank you for reading and keeping updated with the unit. 

"All The Way!"

- Command Staff

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